“And where does magic come from? I think that magic’s in the learning.”~Dar Williams

Imagine an area, a “zone”, which is developed, nurtured and coordinated for the purpose of helping people find the magic that allows them become the best that they can be. That is the foundation of the MAGIC Zone, working in the Western Addition of San Francisco, CA in partnership to support youth, families and the entire community.

The MAGIC Zone builds on the work of several programs and supports a myriad of services that include a kindergarten through high school continuum, transitional aged youth program, events and meetings, family support and workforce development.

In the MAGIC Zone, families, community members, city departments, schools, merchants and youth work together to bring the magic of learning to the community, leverage resources and develop quality programming.

The MAGIC Zone purpose is to expose youth to opportunities, and to help them reach their potential for present and future success. Magic Zone seeks to educate our youth, encourage them to take advantage of volunteer, work, and educational opportunities, and to empower them to develop and implement a plan to meet life’s challenges, equipped with resources for success.


Our Elementary School program focuses on academic enrichment, support and social development of elementary aged youth, the development of basic skills in math, reading fluency and comprehension.  Our program also focuses on homework responsibility, the awareness of personal space, ability to communicate needs/wants, understanding of rules and expectations and ultimately the demonstration of that understanding.

Chaniel Williams – Program Lead, K-2nd Grade

Robin McGee – Program Lead, 3rd-5th Grade


Our Middle School program focuses on building fundamental academic skills while giving students the ability to self assess, to discover their areas of strength, and their opportunity for growth.  Demonstrates self confidence and awareness, emotional stability and resilience. Develop strong relationships within our community ; feels safe and empowered

E’rika Chambers – Education Director


The High School program focuses on promoting a willingness to learn, self monitoring, leadership skills, public speaking, civic engagement, communication, and transformation-academic engagement. Using these qualities, we help students to prepare for University, and to become successful college students and responsible adults.

E’rika Chambers – Education Director


The Transitional Age Youth (TAY) program serves youth ages 18 -25. Each participant needs to be committed to meeting the goals set through this project: beginning steps to changing, job seeking, opening up their mind to change, realizing extra curriculum activities can hinder progress, making an effort to change. We focus on teaching TAY’s to go above and beyond for their community and to develop a great sense of self. We promote drug abuse awareness, assign public speaking- mentors, and encourage a sense of each one teach one. Participants are provided case management and support to connect with the resources they need from job training to GED, college prep, and resume workshops.

Kimiah Tucker – Workforce Director